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What is digital business Card or Hello Profile?

New-age digital business cards, or Hello Profiles, are perfect for networking among content creators, brands and professionals. These cards are smart, customizable, and more efficient than traditional networking methods. Can be shared using Hellocode, HelloLink, or a Hello Networking Device, and open instantly in a phone's browser. This eco-friendly solution reduces the need for repetitive paper and ink consumption.

Why Phygital Networking is the need of the hour?

While most of our personal and professional interactions primarily take place in physical formats, our digital footprints are scattered across various platforms. Phygital networking consolidates these digital footprints onto a single platform, enabling smarter introductions, fostering deeper engagement, and enhancing the utilization of physical touchpoints. This unlocks numerous monetizing opportunities for individuals and businesses.

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Powerful Features for Smarter Networking


Create a customized link from your profile containing social handles, pitch decks, playlists, demo videos, sign-up pages, survey links, websites, app links, and more. Share it directly while networking offline or online to channelize your traffic to a specific landing page with every tap or QR scan. 



Boost your networking effectiveness by activating Helloleads™ mode, which allows you to instantly capture the contact information of potential clients/customers before they access your profile. Seamlessly download these valuable coordinates or integrate them into your preferred CRM, enabling you to build a thriving marketing funnel.



Accelerate your networking experience by swiftly transitioning into a formal conversation with new connections. Kickstart a business discussion and foster stronger engagement by instantly sharing an automated introductory email, starting with a friendly "Hello" from TaptoHello and facilitating better engagement right from the start.



Personalize your introduction on your digital business card by using the language of your choice with CustomHello™. Compose your bio and custom links in any preferred language, including English and a wide range of Indian scripts like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and many others.



Secure and safe cloud storage..



Driven by fastest NFC chip and QR code for instant share.



Others don’t need an app to receive the card.



Works with both, Iphone and Android.

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Go Phygital - The Future of Networking

Transform your networking with our innovative phygital networking platform. Seamlessly bridge the gap between physical and digital networking with our cutting-edge solution. Instantly create interactive digital business cards for yourself or your business amplifying your connections and converting in-person interactions into valuable digital connections.



Book Appointments

Empower your valued customers/clients to schedule appointments effortlessly.


Services/Menu/Product Brochure

Integrate your offerings with Hello for a seamless sales cycle encompassing orders, billing, and feedback.




Latest Updates

Foster stronger engagement with clients and customers. Share the latest updates, services, product launches, and attractive deals.


Customer Reviews

Effortlessly collect reviews from your satisfied customers across various platforms.




Gain Leads

Capture essential contact details from potential clients during casual interactions and seamlessly integrate them with your CRM.


Team Performance

Enhance sales efficiency through phygital networking, enabling systematic lead tracking and data-driven conversions.


An Ultimate Networking Tool for All

Embark on a revolutionary phygital networking journey that reshapes your approach to digital business cards. Unleash the potential of complete customization, from showcasing products and services to menus, brochures, and flyers, all on a cutting-edge and adaptable platform.


Foster meaningful connections and showcase your brand identity through exclusive digital business cards, meticulously tailored to your preferences. Enjoy complete creative control to match your specific requirements, business objectives, and individual flair. Design your Hellocode™ and Hello Profile using your brand's color palette, while handpicking custom links that seamlessly integrate with your unique purpose.

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InstaConnect™ Device management

Step into the realm of ultra-modern networking with our innovative and stylish networking devices. Seamlessly connect and manage multiple Hello devices of your preference with the utmost convenience, thanks to the InstaConnect™ feature utilizing NFC technology or QR code scanning.

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Insta Connect


Unlock the capabilities of comprehensive analytics to delve into your Phygital networking using smart digital business cards. Monitor your follower’s interactions, capitalizing on these invaluable insights to amplify your audience reach and elevate your business strategies.

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Absolute Networking Experience

Revolutionize your networking game by unifying your physical and digital interactions. Seamlessly funnel both your physical and digital engagement to bolster your social media following. Capitalize on audience monetization and effortlessly create a customizable Link in Bio instantly. Elevate your online presence with a personalized email signature featuring a QR code tailored to your needs.

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How It Works

Step 1


Create your free digital business card on Hello app to network phygitally. Use free HelloCode™ to connect swiftly.

Step 2


Initiate instant connections and effortlessly share your information by utilizing HelloCode™ within the Hello mobile app.

Step 3


Upgrade to trendy Hello device, allowing you to effortlessly exchange information through a simple tap or scan.

Step 4


Unlock cross-platform networking potential through swiftly adopting to the phygital approach.

Share Swiftly



Simply TaptoHello our smart networking devices to an iPhone or Android phone to share seamlessly, even if they dont have the Hello App.



Leverage the complimentary HelloCode within the app to enhance networking with advanced analytics and unlimited scans.



Effortlessly share your Hello digital business card through text messages, emails, Airdrop, email signatures, social media profiles, iPhone widgets, and beyond.

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Our Misson

Our pledge is to usher in a new era of networking in India, seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. Driven by the urgency to replace outdated and environmentally harmful practices, we champion time-efficient and eco-friendly technology solutions.

In today's landscape, fostering connections and nurturing business relationships holds a pivotal role—more essential than ever before. Equally crucial is the synchronization of offline and online networking efforts to yield optimal returns on investment.

Amidst today's digital era, the multifaceted digital and social presence of individuals, professionals, and businesses is instrumental in shaping their professional and personal networks. We envision a future where businesses thrive on interactive, automated, and secure solutions, fostering deeper customer engagement through technology.

Our driving force emanates from our unwavering commitment to crafting sustainable solutions that safeguard our environment for generations to come. Hello's mission is to swiftly revolutionize India's networking landscape, making business communication and interaction efficient and cost-effective through technology. Let's Connect, Engage, and Monetize together!


Networking Solution for everyone


For Individuals


For Professionals


For Small Teams


For Organizations



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Dynamic Pricing

Billed Annually 14 days free trial included

Billing CycleNABilled Annually - 14 days free trial included
Number of ProfilesOne profile Two profile Five profileAs per Need
Number of ProfilesOne profile Two ProfilesFive ProfilesAs per Need
Maximum Hello devices per profileUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Multilingual profile creationYes YesYesYes
Hello Device ManagementBasic AdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Background Theme CustomizationBasic AdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Brandable HelloCode™ (QR)No YesYesYes
Advanced Networking FeaturesNo YesYesYes

Frequently asked questions.

Hello is a new age networking platform that optimize offline and online networking through its smart devices. It enables users to connect, create value and use this smart networking to exchange coordinates, info and digital footprints in one tap.
lt enables the users to interact and network smarter & greener.
1. Create a personalized profile of yourself/brand/business with multilingual Customhello™.
2. Optimize your networking efforts by channelizing your offline and online network to all your digital footprints.
3. Helloleads™ of your potential clients or customers and integrate with your CRM to create a healthy marketing funnel.
4. Quickhello™ an intro mail or message with your network to kickstart a business conversation and engage better.
5. Quickly share relevant assets pitch-deck, demo videos, sign-up page, website or app-links with Hellodirect™.
6. Convert your offline footfall and networking efforts to your online followers/subscribers.
7. Analyze traffic and plan better to optimize your investments and monetize your networking through paid listings. Range of Hello devices to choose from, compatible with Android and iOS without any restrictions and others are not mandatory to have Hello application to share the profile.

First of all you create your Hello profile, Which is your digital business card using the Hello application’s smart features. Then you chose from Hello’s physical products i.e. Smart Business Card, Hello Phone tag, Hello Band, or Hello Gig. Once you have your Hello device simply pair it with your Hello profile using the Hello application, and that’s it you are ready to exchange your digital business card via a quick tap or by scan of your QR code or by simply putting the link across social handles.

Easy, just tap or scan your Hello Smart Business Card /Hello Phone Tag /Hello Band or Hello Gig Device on someone’s phone and a link will come up. They click the link and are brought to your digital business card. Your digital business card includes contact information as well as social media profiles, website, application, social media posts and everything else you might want to include. User can save the same in Hello app in his phone and connect with you to add your profile.

Firstly you download the Hello application available on Google Play and Apple store, once the app is downloaded, sign up in your Hello application and set your profile up, and choose one from the range of cool Hello’s products you want to use to connect with others with a quick tap or scan. Once you have your Hello device pair it with your Hello application quickly and start sharing your profile with other in a smarter and greener way.

Alpana V Sharma

Director, Alps Consultant

We have leveraged TaptoHello and Hello devices in our events it has been a resounding success. Impressively, the connections we established at the event remain engaged, fostering improved business relations that continue to thrive

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